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Energy is the most needed source, both in Turkey and worldwide nowadays. Energy is one of the most vital issues and plays a significant role in the development policies of countries.Together with the demand for energy worldwide and the increase in the prices, it is a known fact that the dependency to fossile fuel will continue in the middle run, so that the countries are forced to make their own investments.

At the same time Turkey is covering a distance in many issues such as finding and promoting local and renewable sources, adding nuclear energy to the agenda, promoting energy efficiency, applying technical and administrative regulations for new energy Technologies respectively.

E7 Group, until now served in the construction, electricity, industrial kitchen and tourism sectors, founded E7 Energy within the group's body in order to; decrease the level of dependency in energy to the foreign actors, to increase both regional and global activity of Turkey, to diversify the source, route and technology, to upgrade the energy efficiency and to minimize the negative environmental issues that occures during the energy manufacturing processes.

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